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Documents Destruction 

Every document has a lifecycle, from creation to storage to eventual destruction. Destruction of business information is usually mandated by an industry regulation or local law.


Secure shredding on or off-site  

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                          From the bins to bails of recycled paper.



. We supply stackable shredding boxes for individual use at your desk.

. or Larger shredding Bins on wheels

. Collection is, as or when required. 



The Document Warehouse offers a secure destruction service on your premises or ours, thus reducing the need for third party handling of your ’secure data'.


With the inflow of regulatory requirements in the last few years, staying informed of new regulations and developing a retention and destruction schedule is vital in maintaining accurate archives.


On storage of your documents at our depot, each storage archive box is given a destruction date according to legal stipulations or to our customers’ own internal requirements.



Destruction methods:

  • secure document destruction, fast and efficient
  • shreds virtually anything, no need to remove clips, folders or staples. It includes paper documents, videos and hard drives.
  • All material is sent to the mills for recycling
  • A  certificate of destruction is issued
  • Destruction lists are available upon request 

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  • The bales of shredded paper are sent to the mills for recycling

        Think Green

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Shredding documents .... on or offsite


Secure shredding on or off site ..... contact us to give you a free quote.


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Clients boxes being shredded on site.


Destruction notification of documents


The Document Warehouse also provides a complimentary reminder service for documents that are ready for destruction.

You will be emailed a detailed list of all documents that are currently stored with us that have reached their destruction date.

At your direction, the Document Warehouse will destroy these records by shredding at our warehouse in accordance with government legislations.


The Document Warehouse can provide your office with security bins for your shredding requirements, they remain locked at

all times and are removed when needed, or on a monthly schedule.


The Document Warehouse team is experienced, friendly and available to start assisting you to provide a solutions to

your space issues now.




For a free consultation: call our offices on 1300  557 990  or alternatively e-mail us by clicking on the automatic     e-mail button below.

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