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Indexing and Data Capture


File Tracking software & the Paperless Office                 

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Sydney's Records Management & Active
Office Filing Specialists                                                                                                               


We ensure the safe management of your active or semi active files and documents, stored on or off-site. 

We focus on being able to retrieve them in the shortest possible time.


We at The Document Warehouse know that this is essential for the records management of any business. 

Its a fact: Storing your documents off site is far cheaper than storing in your office and has the additional benefit of freeing up valuable office space!




Indexing and Data Capture is essential for good records management


Files need to be kept from inception through to their legal obligations prior to their disposal. 

Older files, should be indexed and boxed from time to time, to make room for newer more frequently used files.


Files that are removed from your day to day filing system for storage, should be index with maximum information captured, making retrieval of a documents later very easy.


The Document Warehouse can assist and send a specialist team to your office and together with your staff, professionally work out a system that suits your business, then pack and index your files for storage, leaving you with an edited in-house filing system. 
Many of our clients use our teams to index and pack all their files into archive boxes for storage. It's done efficiently, saving you time and costs. This also allows your staff to concentrate on their core day to day business.
Alternatively we can assist and advise you how to index and self pack your files.
The Document Warehouse will supply you with our very strong commercial grade archive boxes.
When Documents are to be stored at the Document Warehouse:  
On collection we will bar-code your archive boxes, load and deliver them to our secure warehouse, capture the relevant information into our file tracking system, set the destruction reminder date, then rack the archive storage boxes and provide you with an updated storage list.
The Document Warehouse is now ready for the quick retrieval service of you files that you would expect.

For a free consultation: call our offices on 1300 557 990   or alternatively e-mail us by clicking on the automatic    e-mail button below.

Click here :    The Document Warehouse consultants will call and arrange a time that is best suited to you.        

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Document & Records Management Software.


We have two very user friendly Software systems:

One can view any document & track the movements of all your documents ....  in-house or off-site.



1.  The Paperless Office.  

      Instant viewing of all documents placed onto the database software.



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  • primary fields are electronically captured for retrieval purposes on both box and file level
  • fast retrieval of documentation using keywords or descriptions
  • secure software and is only accessible by your authorized staff members




2.  Tracking / Storage software of Equipment or Archived documents.




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Features of our unique software include:

·    Preset Security Levels

·    Customisable to your specific needs

·    Ability to track any storable item or Archived documents in your office or offsite at a warehouse

·    It will advise you of all the documents that have reached their expiry date


The Document Warehouse database comes independently of the rest of the Document Warehouse Range of products and is the perfect way to ensure that every file in your organisation is accounted for.  



Indexing your files for you 

The Document Warehouse Data Capture Department will electronically capture important information from files and documents that our customers send for archiving. This helps for fast retrieval.


Customers are able to search using key words or descriptions to locate documentation at file level.


All our customers’ information is then indexed and catalogued, a copy of the index is then sent to our customers for future retrieval and audit purposes and a copy is kept on The Document Warehouse secure software, only accessible by authorised TDW staff.